DateAlbum / ReleasePublicationAuthor
7 March 1970Stormbringer!Melody MakerJeremy Gilbert
1 December 1971Bless The WeatherUnknownBM
4 December 1971Bless The WeatherMelody MakerAndrew Means
9 December 1971Bless The WeatherRolling StoneStephen Holden
1 March 1973Inside OutSupersnazzAnonymous
7 April 1973Solid AirSoundsAnonymous
29 September 1973Inside OutNew Musical ExpressIan MacDonald
1 October 1973Inside OutSoundsJeremy Gilbert
25 January 1975Sunday’s ChildNew Musical ExpressNeil Spencer
1 March 1975Sunday’s ChildZig ZagAndy Childs
12 March 1977So Far So GoodRecord MirrorSheila Prophet
26 March 1977So Far So GoodNew Musical ExpressMonty Smith
9 April 1977So Far So GoodMelody MakerGeoff Brown
19 November 1977One WorldNew Musical ExpressMonty Smith
26 November 1977One WorldSoundsVivien Goldsmith
10 December 1977One WorldMelody Maker Mark Prendergast
24 January 1978Martyn’s One WorldGongsterDave Belbin
25 October 1980Grace And DangerNew Musical ExpressAngus MacKinnon
1 November 1980Grace And DangerMelody MakerJohn Orme
15 November 1980Grace And DangerSoundsDavid Lewis
28 May 1981Grace And DangerRolling StoneDon Shewey
19 September 1981Glorious FoolMelody MakerSteve Sutherland
3 October 1981Glorious FoolRecord MirrorMark Cooper
10 October 1981Glorious FoolNew Musical ExpressGraham Lock
18 September 1982Well Kept SecretSoundsDavid Lewis
4 September 1982Well Kept SecretMelody MakerPaul Colbert
4 September 1982Well Kept SecretNew Musical ExpressDanny Baker
3 December 1983PhilentropyNew Musical ExpressIan Penman
10 November 1984SapphireNew Musical ExpressRichard Cook
1 March 1986Classic John MartynNew Musical Express Andy Gill
8 March 1986Piece By PieceSoundsGlyn Brown
8 March 1986Piece By PieceNew Musical ExpressLen Brown
31 May 1986Live From London (Video)SoundsHugh Fielder
1 July 1987Live At LeedsQ MagazineAndy Kershaw
1 August 1987Live At LeedsFolk RootsNick Beale
1 March 1988The Electric John Martyn (Original CD Release)Q MagazineDavid Hepworth
18 March 1988FoundationsNew York TimesStephen Holden
1 March 1990The ApprenticeQ MagazineAnonymous
1 March 1990The ApprenticeQ MagazinePeter Kane
1 August 1990The Apprentice Tour (Video)UnknownMonty Smith
1 August 1990The Apprentice Tour (Video)UnknownMark Prendergast
8 September 1990The Apprentice Tour (Video)New Musical ExpresStuart Marconie
1 September 1991CooltideQ MagazinePhilip Thomas
1 October 1991CooltideVoxAndy Robson
21 March 1992BBC Radio 1 Live In ConcertNew Musical ExpressDavid Quantick
18 April 1992BBC Radio 1 Live In ConcertNew Musical ExpressAnonymous
18 April 1992Live At LeedsNew Musical ExpressAnonymous
1 May 1992BBC Radio 1 Live In ConcertQ MagazinePeter Kane
15 May 1992Sunday’s ChildMelody MakerChris Roberts
15 May 1992SapphireMelody MakerChris Roberts
15 May 1992The Road To RuinMelody MakerChris Roberts
1 June 1992BBC Radio 1 Live In ConcertVoxAndy Robson
1 January 1993Solid Air / One WorldMojoMark Cooper
1 September 1993No Little BoyVoxAndy Robson
20 July 1996AndMusic WeekAnonymous
25 July 1996AndThe Sunday TimesAndrew Smith
26 July 1996AndDaily MailSpencer Bright
27 July 1996AndThe TelegraphJames Bennett
28 July 1996AndThe ObserverNeil Spencer
1 August 1996AndMojoMark Cooper
2 August 1996AndThe TimesDavid Sinclair
2 August 1996AndThe GuardianAndrew Smith
2 August 1996AndThe IndependentAndy Gill
3 August 1996AndThe HeraldRob Adams
1 September 1996AndQ MagazinePhil Sutcliffe
1 September 1996AndTopAnonymous
1 September 1996AndVoxTommy Tide
18 March 1998The Church With One BellThe ScotsmanAlan Taylor
21 March 1998The Church With One BellMetroDominic Pedler
21 March 1998The Church With One BellThe Daily TelegraphRaphael Lyne
1 June 2000ClassicsClassic RockAndy Robson
1 July 2000Glasgow WalkerMojoChris Ingham
1 July 2000ClassicsMojoChris Ingham
1 October 2000Solid AirQ MagazineRob Beattie
1 February 2003Solid Air: Classics RevisitedUncutAnonymous
23 April 2004On The CobblesThe ScotsmanFiona Shepherd
1 May 2004On The CobblesBBC WebsitePeter Marsh
15 May 2004On The CobblesThe TimesNigel Williamson
1 June 2004On The CobblesMojoJames McNair
26 June 2004One World (Deluxe Edition)Radio TimesPhill Jupitus
28 June 2004On The CobblesBelfast TelegraphAnonymous
11 August 2004Late Night JohnUncutAnonymous
1 October 2004Mad Dog DaysUncutAnonymous
1 November 2005Stormbringer! (Remastered And Expanded)The WordSimon Waldman
1 November 2005The Road To Ruin (Remastered And Expanded)The WordSimon Waldman
4 November 2005Bless The Weather (Remastered And Expanded)The GuradianDorian Lynskey
1 January 2006London Conversation (Remastered And Expanded)Record CollectorEuan Andrews
1 January 2006The Tumbler (Remastered And Expanded)Record CollectorEuan Andrews
1 January 2006Bless The Weather (Remastered And Expanded)Record CollectorEuan Andrews
1 January 2006Inside Out (Remastered And Expanded)Record CollectorEuan Andrews
1 January 2006Sunday’s Child (Remastered And Expanded)Record CollectorEuan Andrews
1 September 2006On AirUncutMick Houghton
7 September 2006Solid Air (Remastered)The Daily TelegraphRobert Sandall
1 October 2006The Apprentice In Concert (DVD)Record CollectorAli MacQueen
1 October 2006The Apprentice (DVD)MojoFred Dellar
1 May 2007Solid AirUncutDavid Stubbs
20 February 2008The Battle Of MedwayUncutPaul Moody
1 April 2008The Man Upstairs (DVD)Record CollectorGraham Bent
1 April 2008The Man Upstairs (DVD)Guitarist MagazineAnonymous
1 September 2008Ain’t No SaintUncutRob Young
7 September 2008Ain’t No SaintThe IndependentNick Coleman
1 November 2008Ain’t No SaintMojoPhil Sutcliffe
1 November 2008Ain’t No SaintRecord CollectorTerry Staunton
1 March 2009May You Never, The Very Best Of John MartynGuitar TechniquesAnonymous
11 May 2009Ain't No SaintRolling StoneDavid Fricke
22 May 2009Solid Air (Deluxe Edition)UncutAlistair McKay
1 October 2010Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition)UncutDavid Cavanagh
1 November 2010Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition)Q MagazinePeter Kane
1 November 2010Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition)Record CollectorMarco Rossi
1 November 2010Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition)MojoJim Irwin
1 May 2011Heaven And EarthGood TimesAnonymous
1 May 2011Johnny Boy Would Love ThisGood TimesAnonymous
5 May 2011Heaven And EarthThe Daily TelegraphMartin Chilton
11 May 2011Heaven And EarthThe HeraldKetih Bruce
13 May 2011Heaven And EarthThe IndependentAndy Gill
15 May 2011Heaven And EarthThe IndependentNick Coleman
15 May 2011Heaven And EarthThe Sunday TimesAnonymous
15 May 2011Heaven And EarthThe Mail On SundayAnonymous
17 May 2011Heaven And EarthThe ScotsmanFiona Shepherd
1 June 2011Heaven And EarthRecord CollectorMarco Rossi
1 June 2011Heaven And EarthMojoJames McNair
1 June 2011Heaven And EarthUncutGraeme Thomson
1 June 2011Heaven And EarthThe WordDavid Hepworth
1 July 2011Heaven And EarthQ MagazineIan Harrison
5 July 2011Johnny Boy Would Love ThisRTE Ten WebsitePaddy Kehoe
12 August 2011Johnny Boy Would Love ThisBBC WebsiteSid Smith
16 August 2011Johnny Boy Would Love ThisNew York TimesJon Pareles
22 August 2011Johnny Boy Would Love ThisThe Daily TelegraphMartin Chilton
1 April 2012One World… One John (DVD)Word MagazineLaura Barton
1 August 2012One World… One John (DVD)RTE Ten WebsitePaddy Kehoe
27 September 2013The Island YearsDaily MirrorAnonymous
1 November 2013The Island YearsQ MagazineJohn Aizlewood
1 November 2013The Island YearsMojoMat Snow
1 November 2013The Island YearsShindigMike Fornatale
1 November 2013The Island YearsClassic Rock David Stubbs
29 July 2014London Conversation (Vinyl)MojoJim Irvin
1 November 2014The Best Of The Island YearsShindigTom Patterson
1 December 2014The Best Of The Island YearsRecord CollectorOregano Rathbone
17 May 2017Head and Heart: The Acoustic John MartynRTE WebsitePaddy Kehoe
4 November 2018Stormbringer! And The Road To RuinThe Arts DeskKieron Tyler