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29 June 1974SouthamptonNew Musical ExpressFrank Dixie
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25 March 1978North London PolytechnicSoundsLinnet Evans
11 June 1978Regent's Park, LondonUnknownAnonymous
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30 May 1981Dominion Theatre, LondonMelody MakerSteve Sutherland
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15 June 1985SheffieldSoundsPete Marchetto
1 March 1986Glasgow Pavilion TheatreUnknownAndrea Miller
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24 October 1987Town And Country ClubSoundsDavid Cavanagh
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20 September 1996Royal Festival HallThe IndependentAnonymous
26 July 1999The Garage, GlasgowGlasgow HeraldRob Adams
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4 February 2001The Lowry, SalfordJohnMartyn.ComClaire McKeown
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29 May 2001Glasgow PavilionJohnMartyn.ComDavid
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6 June 2001Bridgewater Hall, ManchesterJohnMartyn.ComSteve Lewis
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17 June 2001Borough Halls, GreenwichJohnMartyn.ComJason Swarbrick
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24 June 2001Shepherds Bush Empire, LondonJohnMartyn.ComJos Van Oost
1 May 2004Colston Hall, BristolJohnMartyn.ComJason Swarbrick
1 May 2004Colston Hall, BristolJohnMartyn.ComSteve Beaton
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3 May 2004The Stables, Milton KeynesJohnMartyn.ComDave Crawford
3 May 2004The Stables, Milton KeynesJohnMartyn.ComClive Lambert
3 May 2004The Stables, Milton KeynesJohnMartyn.ComJohn Shelton
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8 May 2004The Lowry, SalfordJohnMartyn.ComNigel Wilkie
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13 September 2006Don’t Look Back, The Barbican, LondonThe TimesPeter Paphides
13 September 2006Don’t Look Back – The Barbican, LondonThe GuardianJohn L Waters
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21 January 2007Corn Exchange, CambridgeThe TimesDavid Cheal
27 January 2007The Lowry, SalfordJohnMartyn.ComRichard Homer
28 January 2007Corn Exchange, CambridgeThe Sunday TimesStewart Lee
31 January 2007Royal Concert Hall, GlasgowGlasgow HeraldRob Adams
31 January 2007Royal Concert Hall, GlasgowThe ScotsmanFiona Shepherd
3 February 2007The Roundhouse, LondonJohnMartyn.ComPeter Palladas
3 February 2007Lion Taming At The RoundhouseJohnMartyn.ComNic Wing
7 February 2007The Roundhouse, LondonThe IndependentAlasdair Lees
15 July 2008Arena, LiverpoolLiverpool Daily PostRichard Down
9 October 2008Joe’s Pub, New YorkJohnMartyn.ComMike Inglis
11 October 2008Joe’s Pub, New YorkThe New York TimesJon Pareles
11 November 2008Barbican, LondonThe Daily TelegraphMark Skipworth
19 November 2008Royal Concert Hall, GlasgowGlasgow HeraldRob Adams
13 August 2013Beverley Martyn turns..Glasgow HeraldRob Adams