28 February 1970Focus On FolkMelody MakerJeremy Gilbert
1 May 1970John And Beverley MartynBeat InstrumentalAnonymous
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30 January 1971Lennon Frightens Me: John MartynDiscAnonymous
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19 February 1972Martyn TurnsonMelody MakerMark Plummer
29 July 1972Martyn’s Folk FunkDiscPeter Erskine
1 October 1972John Martyn Keeping Everything…Time OutRichard Howell
16 December 1972John Martyn And The Basing Street BlowersDiscPeter Erskine
27 January 1973Music Speaks For MartynMelody MakerAndrew Means
21 July 1973The Stormbringer Comes Into The SunNew Musical ExpressIan MacDonald
1 September 1973Inside Out TourUnknownAnonymous
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1 February 1974John Martyn TourUnknownAnonymous
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1 January 1975Martyn TourUnknownAnonymous
1 February 1975Life After DarkSoundsJerry Gilbert
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11 October 1975Battle Scarred And War WearySoundsDave Laing
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15 January 1976Singing In The RainLiquoriceMalcolm Heyhoe
1 March 1977Up To Date With John MartynZig Zag Andy Childs
5 March 1977Blood Sweat And CheersSoundsVivien Goldman
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20 January 1978DancingUnknownAnonymous
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1 March 1978Rock Against RacismUnknownAnonymous
1 November 1978Root LoveDark StarSteve Burgess
4 November 1978One World TourMelody MakerAnonymous
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28 March 1981Martyn’s ConcertsNew Musical ExpressAnonymous
23 May 1981Travelling ManUnknownAnthony Denselow
1 September 1981New Single / TourUnknownAnonymous
1 September 1981End Of The One Man Band?International MusicianPeter Murphy
3 October 1981A Fool’s Time For Glory?Melody MakerSteve Sutherland
10 October 1981Johnny Done BadlyNew Musical ExpressChris Salewicz
1 March 1982Warm Up GigsUnknown Anonymous
1 May 1982Martyn’s Fence FollyUnknownAnonymous
1 August 1982Martyn Goes For The Big OneUnknownAnonymous
28 August 1982Open WindowUnknownAnonymous
1 September 1982More DatesUnknownAnonymous
1 September 1982Martyn OnUnknown Anonymous
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1 January 1983TourUnknownAnonymous
1 March 1983The Great Musicians: John MartynHistory Of RockTony Bacon
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25 January 1986Angeline CD SingleUnknownAnonymous
1 March 1986Backtracking With John MartynBeatMark Cordery
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1 March 1990John Martyn – Living On LoveZip CodeKevin Ring
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3 July 2021Painting The BluesTasmanian MercuryTim Martain